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We Buy Timeshares!

TRC offers several timeshare exit strategies!

  • Have you been roped into buying an unwanted timeshare and now want out?
  • Are you tired of paying those ridiculous timeshare maintenance fees?
  • Is your timeshare not what you expected it to be?
  • Visit the rest of the site or contact us to for your best solution.

Sell your timeshare to us!

Timeshare Relief Consultants, Inc. offers distressed timeshare owners fast, safe and easy timeshare relief solutions to exit their contractual obligations without any repercussions.

We are a service provider here to help you. There will not be any pressure to use our service. The choice is yours. We just help our clients achieve timeshare relief through our network of affiliates to dispose of their timeshare, while giving them the means to travel the way they want, without the hassle of a timeshare ownership.

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We are so confident
in our program!

We would like to extend an amazing opportunity for a select group of Timeshare Owners. This year, we would like to get you out of your Timeshare or Timeshare Mortgage Contract Forever (even if you still owe money on it)! We are inviting you to come to Branson, MO. for 3 Days and 2 Nights at NO COST TO YOU. Your only obligation is to simply meet with one of our Consumer Advisors.

Call today to take advantage of this no obligation offer.


This is for a limited time only.

Offer disclaimer.
Timeshare Relief Consultants Inc is offering to supply hotel lodging for 3 days and 2 nights in Branson, MO for current Timeshare owners who agree to attend a seminar at our office located at 11016 E. State Hwy. 76 Suite P3-2A Branson West, MO. No purchase or payment of any kind is required to participate in this promotion. To be eligible the participant must currently own a Timeshare and bring with them proof of ownership. Any and all persons listed on the property must be in attendance of the seminar. While the cost of the room is paid by Timeshare Relief Consultants Inc. the hotel will require the guest to check-in with identification, their voucher, and a valid credit card to cover the cost of incidentals. This offer is not a contest and has no resale value. The vouchers are only eligible for the name listed on them as long as they meet all other requirements as listed above. The participant is required to provide a cancellation notice via phone call to our office 72 hours prior to check-in. If the participant does not cancel within the appropriate time frame and fails to appear at their designated seminar time on this voucher the credit card number given to Timeshare Relief Consultants Inc will be charged the amount of $99.00 to cover the expense of the room.