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It is not an easy task to cancel your timeshare contract. Now your timeshare have to go through alone. Let TRC help take your timeshare nightmare and put it to bed. Help is here to cancel your timeshare ownership and timeshare contract. CALL TODAY! Let our experienced CONSUMER FRAUD INVESTIGATORS educate you on your consumer rights and start the process of becoming “timeshare Free” today. We have been helping victims of timeshare fraud and misrepresentation since 2012 to cancel their timeshare and get rid of their timeshare contract(s)…For Good! Our team consists of timeshare industry experts. Our Consumer Advocates of highly skilled CONSUMER FRAUD INVESTIGATORS understand the frustrations timeshare owners feel after they have been misled and many times, outright lied to, during and after the timeshare sales process. TRC pledges to give you the service and personalized attention you deserve.

Integrity, Honor, and Commitment to Excellence are our founding principles. We are Consumer Advocates who will fight for our clients until their timeshare termination is complete. How can our CONSUMER FRAUD INVESTIGATORS Help? With TRC’s experience and proven timeshare cancellation process, we will assist you to cancel your timeshare contract and get rid of your timeshare for good. TRC is not a timeshare resale company.

We help people just like you who have been victimized by unethical timeshare scams and fraud from sales reps while on vacation. TRC is very selective in the timeshare cancellation cases we take. To see if you qualify for TRC’s services Call 1-855-523-4567 or fill out this form. Please be advised that we request a donation??? (FEE) for services, but please check with your local tax advisor on the deductibility of this donation. This donation will be refunded if requested. With our nearly perfect success rate of over 95% coupled with our 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. If you qualify, we can and will help you to cancel your mortgage and or contract and get you the timeshare relief you deserve. It does not matter where you purchased your timeshare, what type of timeshare you own, or how long ago you purchased your timeshare.

Our CONSUMER FRAUD INVESTIGATORS have years of timeshare experience and understand exactly what you are going through. Call us to find out just what sets TRC apart from the competition. Before you potentially spend thousands with a resale company or another company that claims they can take your deed from you; talk to us first. If we cannot help you we will tell you upfront. Even if you lost your timeshare to a foreclosure, we would still like to see if we can provide some form of restitution from this action.

Timeshare Scams – timeshare owners beware! According to the Federal Trade Commission, numerous state attorney generals, Better Business Bureau and other trusted sources, timeshare owners and consumers going on timeshare presentations are under attack. Anyone who has purchased a timeshare needs to read our list of the most common areas of deception that can occur during a timeshare sales presentation.

TRC’s List of the Top 10 Most Common Examples of the numerous deceptions you might have experienced:

  1. Were you told the timeshare was an investment that would increase in value? WE CAN HELP
  2. Were you told you could rent your timeshare to make money? WE CAN HELP
  3. Were you told your maintenance fees would not go up, or minimally, if at all? WE CAN HELP
  4. Were you told that you had to buy today and today only? WE CAN HELP
  5. Did your 90 minute presentation last much longer? WE CAN HELP
  6. Did they offer to buy your previous timeshare for a great profit? WE CAN HELP
  7. Did they tell you that you could go anywhere in the world whenever you wanted? WE CAN HELP
  8. Did they tell you that you were only going to attend an “Owner’s Update Meeting” to give you information on how to better use what you have? WE CAN HELP
  9. Did they tell you that you could write the timeshare off on your taxes, or that you could refinance at a much lower rate? WE CAN HELP
  10. Were you ever told that you had a legal right to rescind or cancel within a certain number of days and how to do so if you chose, IF NOT? WE CAN HELP

If you feel you have been a victim of deception during the purchase or upgrade of your timeshare, we have your timeshare solution. Our services are designed to help you, the consumer, get the timeshare relief you are looking for. We assist you in the development of a detailed plan of action, including documents and various forms of communication needed to cancel your timeshare contract. We do not assist in the sale, resale, or renting of your timeshare property.

We give you the timeshare owner answers you are looking for to get results. To see if you qualify, fill out our form, or call us today. There are many companies that claim to have the service that TRC offers. Many of these companies use TRC for their cancellations because of the superior service we provide. Don’t deal with a middle man for your timeshare cancellation. Better yet, call us for a list of “Trusted Partners” of TRC, who will make sure that you receive ALL the benefits and guidance necessary to get the resolution you deserve. Start your cancellation process today by calling us or fill out this form.

Get Rid of Your timeshare. Most timeshare owners are not aware that they are protected as consumers when they purchased their timeshare. If there was deception, fraud, or any misrepresentation during the sales presentation, there may be a legal way to cancel the timeshare contract.

Timeshare sales representatives use many different forms of trickery to get sales. TRC helps timeshare owners assess the entire sales presentation and review your actual Purchase Contract to see if there was enough deception for the timeshare owner to seek a contract cancellation of their timeshare. Getting rid of timeshares is not a simple process and it can be very intimidating for consumers. We are EXPERTS and can help. Simply fill out this form for assistance or call now.

Timeshare Law and timeshare sales processes fall under each state’s real estate division as well as other consumer rights laws. Some states are aggressive in upholding timeshare law violations.

Unfortunately, most states do little, or nothing to help timeshare owners who have been scammed. If any advocacy group that claims to offer timeshare relief tells you that all you have to do is write letters to the BBB, Real Estate Divisions, and the FTC… stop and hang up the phone. If the process was that simple, you could do it yourself. However, proving deception and or fraud takes many hours of research and specific credentials (Certified Fraud Examination) along with a detailed plan of action which MUST be developed.

TRC will assist you through that process to ensure a proper cancellation can be obtained. Do not be fooled by companies that promise fast results. Timeshare cancellations take research, communication and TIME. Timeshare Lawyers The overwhelming majority of consumers think that the best way to cancel a timeshare contract is to hire a timeshare lawyer. Here is the problem… 99% of attorneys have no clue about timeshares, timeshare law or the timeshare sales process. Another problem that you will inevitably find is that you will not get a guarantee of results. TRC offers a 100% money back guarantee IF we take your case. Additionally, if we do not take your case, we will ensure you know all of your options available to you at no charge. See if any timeshare lawyer will do that for you.

People chose TRC because we are the experts when it comes to timeshare cancellations. At TRC, WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS, NOR DO WE GIVE LEGAL ADVICE. We are consumer advocates, WHO GET RESULTS. TRC Mission Statement: Quite Simple! To provide superior service at all levels of our organization while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. To continue to be the timeshare cancellation industry leader in innovation while changing the timeshare industry and their deceptive trade practices, one client at a time.


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